PT Davomas Abadi

Summary of Suspension of Debt Payment Obligations (a�?PKPUa�?)
PT Davomas Abadi, Tbk.

PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk.
Line of Business A� A� A�: Cocoa Commodity Production
Number of Creditors : 61 Creditors
Type of Creditors A� A� :
a. Concurrent Creditor
b. Separated Creditor

Value of All Invoices : USD 478,031,212,-

The Applicant of PKPU :
Agus Cik
Jl. Musi Barat Blok F-13/22, RT004/RW010
Pondok Indah, Kuta Bumi, Pasar Kemis, Tangerang.

The Respondent of PKPU :
PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk

The Attorney of PKPUa��s Applicant :

1. Eric Asmansyah, S.H.;
2. Anita Kadir, S.H., MCL, LL.M; and
3. Liz Asnahwati, S.H.

The Judgment of PKPU :
No. 17/PKPU/2012/ Commercial District Court of Central Jakarta, Dated April 26, 2012.

The Panel of Judges :

1. Dedi Fardiman, S.H., M.H. (Presiding Judge);
2. Lidya S. Parapat, S.H.,M.H. (Member of Judges); and
3. Kartim Haeruddin, S.H., M.H. (Member of Judges)

The Registrar Substitute :
Maryati S.H., M.H.

The Supervisory Judge :
Dwi Sugiarto S.H., M.H.

The Decision on Reconciliation Ratification :
Dated June 8, 2012

The Administrator Team :

1. Darwin Aritonang, S.H., M.H.;
2. Anselmus B. P. Sitanggang, S.H.; and
3. M. Idris, S.Sos, S.H.